Valent Training Modules

Welcome to the Valent Training Modules

The Valent Training Modules educate Valent approved distributors and eligible end users about our fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Each training module consists of information on target weeds or pests, product chemistry, benefits and application procedures. A multiple-choice quiz follows each module, so that you may test what you've learned. To begin training, select one of the available programs below.

Module #1

Tourney® Fungicide

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Module #2

Arena® Insecticide

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Module #3

Safari® Insecticide

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Module #4

Velocity® Herbicide

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Module #5

Stellar® Fungicide

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Module #6

AdornTM Fungicide

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Module #7

ClipperTM Herbicide

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Module #8

RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator

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